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Poquoson Little League: Where Safety Triumphs & Commitment Resounds

At PLL, we don't just prioritize the safety of our players; we embed it in every fiber of our being, ensuring that each match, practice, and event stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment.

Embark on a journey through our treasure trove of resources. From vital information to imperative forms, every link below fortifies our pledge to safeguard both our esteemed participants and the cherished spectators who cheer them on.

Have a suggestion? Concern? An insight? We're all ears. Feel the essence of our dedication by reaching out to us at [email protected].

Our esteemed managers and coaches are the custodians of the PLL Safety Manual, a compendium designed to guide, assist, and lead. It isn't just a manual; it's an embodiment of the roles and responsibilities each volunteer and player pledges to uphold. Each team is supplied with first aid kits for every practice and game.

While we deploy measures to shield every player, the dynamic nature of baseball and softball mean occasional injuries are a part of the game. In such times, our managers don't just react—they respond, ensuring the well-being of the affected and promptly documenting the event through our Preliminary Incident Form. 

Our Code of Conduct isn't just a policy—it's a promise. It illuminates every Little League event with integrity and respect. Should you encounter any discrepancies, the attached form allows your voice to resonate, ensuring the sanctity of our commitment remains intact.

Lastly, while the vast expanse of our facilities stands as a symbol of our ambition, safety remains at the core. Witness an anomaly? Spot something amiss? If you can't amend it, don't hesitate to flag it to our board members or write to us at [email protected]. We're here, vigilant and ever-ready, to weave a legacy of safety and passion.

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