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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play in Poquoson Little League?
Individuals aged 4-16, as determined by the official Little League Age Chart, who either reside within the boundaries of Poquoson's Little League or attend a Poquoson City Public School, are eligible to join the league. Players living outside the City of Poquoson must obtain an approved waiver from the league before participating.

When does the season start and end?

Spring Season Overview:

  • Registration Window: Enrollment for Spring ball is generally from November to January.
  • Commencement: Practices typically start in late February or early March.
  • Duration: The season stretches until mid to late May.
  • All-Star Extension: Players chosen for All-Star teams continue playing further into the summer.

Fall Season Overview:

  • Registration Window: Sign-ups for Fall Ball are typically in early August.
  • Commencement: Practices kick off at the end of August or early September.
  • Duration: The season wraps up by the end of October or early November.
  • Post-Season: Unlike the spring, the Fall season does not feature post-season play.
What is the difference between the Spring and Fall seasons?

Spring Ball: The Heart of Little League

  • Nature: Spring ball represents the classic Little League season and are typically competitive with game requirements.
  • Tournaments: Both Minors and Majors age groups have the opportunity compete in end of the season tournaments.  (Various factors come into play: number of teams, field availability, weather, etc.)
  • All-Star Phase: Following the main spring season, the excitement peaks with All-Star tournaments.

Fall Ball: A Season of Growth and Learning

  • Nature: Fall Ball is characterized by a more causal, instructional ambiance with more practices and scrimmages rather than games.
  • Practices: Throughout the season, practices are consistent, laying the foundation for skill development.
  • Skill Development: Players are nurtured to hone abilities that will serve them well in subsequent age brackets.
  • Purpose: It's all about learning and progress as players prepare themselves for the Spring season.

How can I volunteer to help out at Poquoson Little League?

At Poquoson Little League, we believe that parental involvement is the backbone of a thriving community. We warmly welcome parents to volunteer in various capacities:

  • Manager or Coach: Lead and inspire teams on the field.
  • Team Parent: Support managers and serve as a central point for team communications and activities.
  • Concession Stand: Serve delicious treats and maintain the heart of our gatherings. Concessions is a crucial part of our organization to help keep costs low. 

As the season unfolds, managers will be actively seeking the assistance of team parents. Furthermore, a quintessential part of our league's culture is parental participation in concession stand duties.

For those with a penchant for leadership, our Board of Directors is continually on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals ready to steer the league to new heights.

High school students who are interested in completing their required volunteer hours for school credit are welcome as we will sign off on those hours pending approval.

Please note: To ensure the safety and integrity of our league, all managers, coaches, board members, team parents, etc.  are required to complete a volunteer application and undergo a background check prior to volunteering. Join us in our mission to create an enriching experience for our young players!

Why do we need to participate in a fundraiser?

At Poquoson Little League, we are devoted to offering an enriching experience to our players, and we take pride in ensuring our registration fees remain reasonable. However, the true cost of providing a premier Little League experience surpasses the amount collected through these fees. To bridge this gap and ensure we continue offering the best to our young talents, we actively seek additional avenues of funding. Both registration and fundraiser fees play a crucial role in covering the costs of uniforms, equipment, merchandise, professional umpires (as needed), and maintaining the vibrant pulse of our concession stands. Every dollar goes back into enhancing your child's Little League experience. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Is there practice every week, if so, what days?
Leading up to the season, teams typically have two practices each week: one on a weeknight and another on Saturday or two during the week if the team is not available on Saturday. It's important to note that the weeknight practices aren't set for a specific day—they rotate throughout the week. When the games kick off, the frequency of practices tends to decrease. From that point forward, the decision on practice sessions lies primarily with the manager's discretion.

Are games played on weeknights or weekend? 
Each team participates in a minimum of two games every week. Depending on the number of teams in a division, this typically translates to one game on Saturday and another on a weeknight. Alternatively, teams might play both of their weekly games on weeknights.

How can I find out if a field is open or closed?

Curious about field status? Here's how you can get updated:

  1. Website: Visit the Field Status page on our official website.
  2. Facebook: We aim to update our Facebook page promptly, though there might be occasional delays.
  3. Team Manager: Your team's manager should always be in the loop about the latest field status.
  4. Group Me Chats: Managers & Team Parents will be included in PLL specific group chats for updates.

Please note: If the fields are declared closed, we kindly request that everyone respects the decision and refrains from using them. Your cooperation ensures the fields remain in prime condition for future games!

My two sons/daughters are the same age.  Can I be assured they will be placed on the same team? 
Absolutely! For siblings playing in the same division, such as T-Ball and Coach Pitch, they will be teamed up together. However, for those in drafting leagues such as the Minors division and above, there are specific guidelines laid out in the Little League rule book that need to be adhered to. While there are procedures to follow, most often, we're able to accommodate and ensure siblings play together!

My son/daughter would like to play on the same team as his/her friend.  Is this possible?
At PLL, we understand the joy of playing alongside friends.  PLL will attempt to honor requests, however teams are distributed evenly based on many different factors.  However, as players advance beyond these foundational divisions, we prioritize maintaining a competitive equilibrium. Therefore, such placement requests cannot be accommodated in the higher divisions to ensure a balanced and fair competition for all teams. For T-Ball and Coach Pitch Divisions, each player will ONLY be allowed one player request and they must be mutually requested on each other's registration. If there are multiple names, only the first name will be considered. No coach requests will be accepted.

What equipment does the league provide?
At PLL, we've got our players covered! The league supplies balls, helmets, and essential catching gear. Moreover, each player is provided with a hat/visor and jersey to complete their athletic ensemble, ensuring they not only play well but also look the part on the field.

What equipment must I provide for my son/daughter?

For your budding baseball/softball star, there are certain essentials:
Glove: Every player should have their own baseball/softball glove tailored to their hand size and comfort.
Cleats: Footwear is crucial. Players below the age of 13 should wear cleats with plastic spikes. Those aged 13 and up can opt for metal spikes.
Remember, these items fall under the responsibility of the player's family.
While not mandatory, having a personal bat is highly recommended. If acquiring one isn't feasible, perhaps teaming up with a buddy to share a bat could be a viable alternative. After all, teamwork begins on and off the field!

Does my son/daughter have to use equipment provided by the league?
Certainly not. Players are welcome to bring and use their personal equipment such as bats, helmets, catcher's gear, and more. However, it's crucial to ensure that any personal equipment meets the standards set forth in the Little League rule book. Safety and fairness are paramount, so all equipment should be in line with the established guidelines.

Can we bring our pets to the Poquoson Little League Complex?

At Poquoson Little League, the safety and well-being of all attendees are our top priority. Consequently:

  • Pets: They might be family at home, but pets are not permitted on the league's premises. We kindly ask for your understanding and compliance with this policy.

  • Alcoholic Beverages: They are strictly prohibited on the grounds.

  • No-Smoking: The Poquoson Little League Complex is a smoke-free zone, ensuring a healthy environment for all.  This includes any tobacco and vaping products.

  • Bike/Scooters/Skateboards: These are discouraged on the premises to limit the amount of damage to our complex or possible injury to players or families attending practices, games or events.

We appreciate your respect for these rules, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone.

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