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Frequent Asked Questions

Who can play in Poquoson Little League?
Anyone who is between the ages of 4-16 by the official Little League Age Chart and resides in Poquoson's Little League boundaries or attends a Poquoson City Public School is eligible to participate in the league. Players who live outside the City of Poquoson must contact the league and have an approved waiver prior to participation.

When does the season start and end?
The Spring season begins with practices typically beginning in the last week in February or early March and the season runs through the middle of June.  Players selected to All-Star teams play deeper into the summer.  Registration for Spring ball typically occurs in November-January.

The Fall season begins with practices at the beginning of September and the season runs through the end of October or early November.  There is no post-season play in the Fall.  Registration for Fall Ball usually takes place in August.
What is the difference between Spring baseball/softball and Fall baseball/softball?
Spring ball is the traditional Little League season.  There are tournaments for the Minors and Majors baseball age groups and softball typically plays other teams in the district. All-Star tournaments follow the spring season.

Fall Ball is more relaxed and instructional in nature.  Practices run through the entire season and players are encouraged to develop skills that will be utilized at the next age level.  There are no standings kept.

How can I volunteer to help out at Poquoson Little League?
Poquoson Little League encourages all parents to volunteer.  Parents may volunteer to be a manager, coach. team mom and even in the concession stand.  Managers are in need of team moms once the season begins, and all parents are required to work concession stand duty once the season begins.  The Board of Directors for Poquoson Little League is always looking for individuals interested in leadership positions. All managers, coaches, board members, and team moms are subject to fill out a volunteer application and submit a background check to volunteer.

Why do we need to participate in a fundraiser?
Poquoson Little League feels that our fees for each division is a reasonable amount to play although it costs much more to actually play Little League. Because of the low registration fees, we try to bring in more money to be able to provide your children the best Little League experience they can have! Registration fees and fundraiser fees help pay for uniforms, equipment, merchandise, paid umpires, and helps keep our concessions afloat. We have a mandatory fundraiser fee of $25 per family along with our lottery fundraiser that we will be providing information for.

Is there practice every week, if so, what days?
Before the season, there are generally at least two practices per week, with one being on a weeknight and the other on Saturday.  The weeknight practices are not on a fixed night of the week - they rotate every week.  Once games begin practices usually wane AND practices are up to the discretion of the manager. 

Are games played on weeknights or weekend? 
Teams play at least two games per week.  Depending on team numbers in a division, one game is on Saturday and one game is on a weeknight or two games during the week.

How can I find out if a field is open or closed?
You can find out if a field is open by calling the PLL Hotline at 659-1251 or checking the Field Status page on the website. We try to update the Facebook page in a timely manner, but sometimes we can't always get to it. You can also sign up for our text message system at registration. Your team manager should always have the latest information. If the fields are closed, please respect the decision and stay off the fields.

My two sons/daughters are the same age.  Can I be assured they will be placed on the same team? 
Yes.  Siblings playing in the same division (TB and CP) will be placed on the same team. For Minors and above, certain procedures must be fulfilled per the Little League rule book but most times it is fulfilled!

My son/daughter would like to play on the same team as his/her friend.  Is this possible?
PLL's policy is to allow parents to request their children be placed with friends in the T-Ball baseball divisions and Coach Pitch divisions.  As children move beyond these entry divisions we cannot allow these requests as our goal is to maintain competitive balance.

What equipment does the league provide?
The league provides balls, helmets, and catching equipment.  Players also receive a cap and jersey as part of their uniform.

What equipment must I provide for my son/daughter?
Your son/daughter needs to have their own baseball/softball glove and cleats. Only players 13 and up can have metal spikes, the younger ones need to have the plastic spikes.  These items are the responsibility of the player's family. Although it's not a must have, it is recommended to have a bat or find a buddy who will share the bat.

Does my son/daughter have to use equipment provided by the league?
No.  Players may use their own bats, helmets, cathers equipment, etc.  However, personal equipment must conform to the Little League rules listed in the rule book.

Can we bring our pets to the Poquoson Little League Complex?
No. Poquoson Little League does not allow pets on its grounds.  Please respect this prohibition.  Alcoholic beverages are also forbidden and the Poquoson Little League Complex is a no-smoking facility.
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