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Poquoson Little League

Poquoson Little League

Poquoson Little League was incorporated in 1959.

How to Contact Us:

For General Inquiries, please email [email protected]
Mailing address: Poquoson Little League, P. O. Box 2194, Poquoson, VA 23662


Poquoson Little League: A Glorious Legacy

A Historic Day in Poquoson Little League Baseball

On the illustrious day of May 16, 1958, the town of Poquoson witnessed the dawn of a new era. With a crowd filled with anticipation and excitement, Wayne Martin of the "Yankees" took to the mound. As the ball left his hand, it wasn't just a pitch - it symbolized the commencement of organized Little League Baseball in Poquoson.

Under the watchful guidance of coaches John "Tiny" Firth and Everette "Big Penny" Martin, the Yankees showcased their mettle and determination. Trailing until the bottom of the 5th inning, they rallied with unmatched spirit. With a sensational scoring spree, they notched 7 runs, scripting a dramatic comeback to edge out the Braves with a 7-6 victory. The day was made even more memorable as Wayne Martin, who had started the game with that iconic pitch, emerged as the winning pitcher.

This remarkable event stands as a testament to Poquoson's rich baseball legacy, highlighting the passion and spirit of its players and community. A moment etched in history, reminding us of the beginnings of what has now become a cherished tradition.

Established and Chartered
Established and chartered with the eminent Little League International in the golden year of 1959, Poquoson Little League (PLL) shines brightly as a gem amongst the illustrious seven leagues constituting District 7 Little League. Alongside Poquoson, the constellation includes esteemed members like Deer Park LL, Hampton-Wythe LL, Northampton LL, Phoebus LL, Warwick LL, and York County LL.

Nestled in the heart of the city at 41 Park Street, just a whisper away from the Poquoson Elementary and Middle Schools, lies the magnificent PLL Home Complex. It boasts three splendid fields, catering to a diverse range of young talents: two grand Little League-sized pitches and a versatile field tailored for T-Ball, Coach Pitch, and Softball.

But the jewel in the crown of this magnificent complex is none other than Conover's Corner—a tribute to Jeff Conover, one of PLL's most dedicated and tireless volunteers. This cornerstone not only houses the bustling concession stand but also serves as the vibrant hub for PLL board meetings, registrations, and an invaluable storage space. Experience the magic, legacy, and passion of Poquoson Little League!

Poquoson Little League Championships

In the past shimmering decade alone, Poquoson Little League (PLL) has clinched an astonishing 15 District Championships, a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence. But the accolades don't stop at the district level; the league takes immense pride in its illustrious history, sculpting raw talent and nurturing them into baseball and softball prodigies.

Poquoson Little League Alumni

It's a legacy that sees former PLL players not just mastering the fields of college ball, but also soaring high in the realm of professional baseball. We celebrate each and every one of these sporting luminaries, and our list is ever-evolving.

If, by any chance, we've overlooked a name that should be recognized in the annals of PLL's storied history, we welcome your insights. Please get in touch, and together, let's honor and continue the legacy of Poquoson Little League's unparalleled excellence.


Chad Pinder: Played at Virginia Tech and drafted by the Oakland A's. He made his professional debut on August 20, 2016 and retired during the 2023 season.

Chase Pinder: Played at Clemson University and drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. He is currently a member in the San Francisco Giants organization.

Wyatt Helsel: Currently plays at Randolph Macon University.

Justin Bradshaw: Currently plays at The Apprentice School.

Gabriel Ford: Played at Bluefield College.

Bradshaw Morrison: Played at Christopher Newport University.

Blake Harrison: Played at Thomas Nelson Community College.

Isaiah Dickerson: Played at Thomas Nelson Community College.

Trey Hicks: Played at Christopher Newport University.

Jared Davis: Played at The Apprentice School

Cole Jackson: Played at The Apprentice School

Maggie Tyler: Played at Virginia Tech

Greg Chauvin: Played at William Peace University

Dylan Hill: Played at Old Dominion University

Ryan Darnell: Played at Randolph Macon

Chad Funkhouser: Played at Brevard College

Karlee Holzbach: Played at Christopher Newport

Brooke Sarrazin: Played at Christopher Newport

Adam Posey: Played at Eastern Mennonite University

Austin Davis: Played at Eastern Mennonite University & The Apprentice School

Catherine Clavin: Played at James Madison

Amy Putnam: Played at Longwood University

Taylor McConnell: Played at Marshall University

Todd Goodson: Played at Norfolk State University

Becky Morrison: Played at Hampton University

Leslie Harris: Played at Liberty University

Justin Hollingsworth: Played at Chowan University

Brandon Hamlett: Played at Chowan University

Michael McConnell: Played at Chowan University

John Pauls: Played at Chowan University

Joy Parr: Played at Christopher Newport

Jennifer Bunting: Played at UNC-Wilmington



PresidentTaylor Sherrill
Vice President
Rob Dye
Player AgentKristen Jones
SecretaryNicole Duman
TreasurerCharlotte Ross
Safety OfficerLorrie Challoner
Baseball CommissionerSkip Banton
Softball CommissionerBryan Allen
Schedule CoordinatorAllyson Dye
Coach Coordinator/Umpire in ChiefDan McAdams
Equipment ManagerTed Denny
Fields & MaintenanceSteve Griggs
Co-Concessions ManagerDanielle Griffin
Co-Concessions ManagerErin Griggs
CommunicationsMarc Spangler
Uniforms/Spirit WearKrista Goodale
SponsorshipsChristina Dominiguez

Important Documents

It's always a wise move to stay informed and prepared. Here's your go-to list of crucial documents that might come in handy. It's better to have and not need, than to need and not have!

Administrative Documents

PLL Constitution (2024) (Approved August 27, 2023; Little League International Approved)
PLL By-Laws & Ground Rules (Board Approval - November 13, 2023)
PLL Code of Conduct & Complaint Form
PLL All-Stars Travel Policy (2023 Version Coming Soon)
PLL Regular Member Application 
*Must be postmarked before April 15 of current year to be considered*

Important Tid-Bits
Little League Bat Resource Page
Residence Eligibility Requirements
2024 Baseball Age Chart
2024 Softball Age Chart

Stay ahead of the curve, and make sure to keep these documents at your fingertips. They could be just what you need at the most unexpected times!



Become a Cherished Sponsor of Poquoson Little League!

At Poquoson Little League, we are passionately committed to nurturing the growth and development of our youth through the spirited games of baseball and softball. Our organization transcends the mere learning of sport; it is a vibrant crucible where children are sculpted into embodiments of sportsmanship, leadership, kindness, friendship, dedication, and responsibility.

While the heart of our program thrives on the registration fees, it's the generous contributions from visionaries like you that truly fuel our mission. Your support empowers us to not only maintain but to elevate our programs, equipment, and facilities, ensuring that the flame of growth and improvement burns brightly year after year.

We are immensely thankful as you consider joining hands with Poquoson Little League through your sponsorship. This packet holds all the details you need to embark on this journey of impact, and should questions arise, Christina Dominguez stands ready to assist at [email protected] or (757) 880-2892. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your generous gift is not just an investment in our league but also a tax-deductible beacon of hope.

Together, let's continue to weave this tapestry of support and empowerment. Thank you for being a pivotal part of the Poquoson Little League legacy!

Single Sponsor (Team Sponsor) - $180

  • Two lines of text on back of team jersey (Ex. Business name and phone number or email/website)
  • “Proud Supporter of Poquoson Little League” sticker *Team Sponsorship only included with Single Sponsor

Double Sponsor - $250

  • Company name on ½ banner
  • Company recognition on PLL Website and Social Media
  • “Proud Supporter of Poquoson Little League” sticker

Triple Sponsor - $500

  • Company name/logo on 3x8 banner
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  • “Proud Supporter of Poquoson Little League” sticker and travel mug

Home Run Sponsor - $630

  • Company name/logo on 4x10 banner
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  • “Proud Supporter of Poquoson Little League” sticker and travel mug, coupon for one free t-shirt of your choice from the concession stand.

Grand Slam Sponsor - $1000

  • Company name/logo on 5x12 banner.
  • Company recognition on PLL Website and Social Media
  • “Proud Supporter of Poquoson Little League” sticker and travel mug
  • coupon for one free t-shirt of your choice from the concession stand.
  • “Proud Sponsor of Poquoson Little League” plaque.

Ready to Partner? Access our 2024 Sponsorship Form and embark on this collaborative journey.

Stand with us, as we hit home runs together!

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District 7

A Glimpse into District 7 of Virginia's Little League

District 7 stands out as one of Virginia's 16 esteemed Little League districts. This particular district boasts an expansive coverage, encompassing a significant portion of the Hampton Roads area.

Here's a breakdown of the district:

  • Leagues within District 7: Its home to seven distinguished leagues:

    • Deer Park LL
    • Hampton-Wythe LL
    • Northampton LL
    • Phoebus LL
    • Poquoson LL
    • Warwick LL
    • York County LL

    Each of these leagues operates autonomously, steered by their dedicated Board of Directors.

    District 7 Governance: Beyond individual leagues, District 7 itself is guided by its set of Board of Directors, ensuring that standards and goals are met at the district level.

     All-Star Tournaments: A highlight for many, these tournaments are orchestrated by the individual leagues in conjunction with the proficient district staff.

In essence, District 7 symbolizes the spirit of teamwork, commitment, and passion for the game, uniting diverse regions under the banner of Little League Baseball and Softball.

District 7 Website

2023-2024 District 7 Staff
District Administrator: Bob Sherrill
ADA - Information Officer/Scheduler: Taylor Sherrill
ADA - Baseball: Matt Puckett
ADA - Softball: Kim McCaffrey
Umpire-In-Chief: Rhett Jones
Secretary: Beth Spivak
Treasurer: Susan Benner
Safety Officer: Tiffany Fortune
Challenger: Jeff Currence

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